How to measure and analyse the texture of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and adhesives.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Texture Analysis in Action: Tensile Grips range

Seal strength test using the TA.XTplus Texture AnalyserTENSILE GRIPS RANGE: A/TG, A/MTG and A/ATG

The gripping action of the A/TG tensile grips is provided by a screw initiated vice clamp operating on knurled jaw faces of 35mm x 35mm. 

They are general purpose knurled jaw face grips suitable for holding samples which have a uniform rectangular shape and a maximum thickness of 25mm. 

The A/MTG Mini Tensile Grips have smaller jaw faces of 25mm x 10mm, with a maximum opening of 8mm. Used for assessment of tensile characteristics of samples such as packaging materials, plastic and aluminium film; and also (in a cycling motion) the flexibility of e.g. chewing gum sticks and confectionery leathers.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Keeping an eye on the quality of Ocular Delivery Products using Texture Analysis

Girl inserting a contact lens
Treatment of some diseases is best achieved by direct administration near the affected area, particularly with diseases involving ophthalmic, optic, dermal, oral cavity, and anorectal tissues.

Ocular drug delivery is an interesting and challenging opportunity for pharmaceutical development. 

The eye is protected by a series of complex defence mechanisms, which usually result in poor bioavailability of drugs administered via the ocular route. These include tear production and the blinking reflex in addition to short residence time and reduced drug permeability. The drug bioavailability can be enhanced either by providing prolonged/sustained delivery to the eye or by facilitating transcorneal penetration.