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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Why Texture Analysis Matters in Food Production

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This week we’re looking at the role of texture analysis in food manufacturing – Stable Micro Systems’ biggest market. Why do almost all the world’s major food producers employ texture analysis, and what benefits does it bring? 

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Giving consumers exactly what they want  

Today’s consumers want it all, demanding a wide choice of foods that not only taste good, but delight all the senses. Potato crisps with a satisfying crunch, luxuriously creamy yoghurts – since the 1950s, manufacturers have seen the critical role texture plays in the eating experience. Human taste tests increasingly evaluated texture as well as flavour. Despite giving much better insight into overall enjoyment of food, these tests had their limitations. They were (and still are) subjective, time-consuming and difficult to repeat or compare.

Fast, reliable, invaluable

And that’s where texture analysis instrumentation comes in. Originally introduced around thirty years ago, it provides manufacturers with a quick, objective, detailed and repeatable profile of a product’s texture. Testing in this way is invaluable for both R&D and quality control, so is today being used by major food manufacturers all over the world to complement and enhance human taste tests. Across numerous sectors of the food industry (as well as non-food applications), texture analysis has rapidly become a vital tool in the armoury of food scientists, development teams and QC managers worldwide.

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