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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

People and Pets go more gourmet...

With four out of five pet owners considering their pet a member of the family and 79% saying the quality of their pet’s food is as important as their own, it’s not surprising that the premium sector accounts for 40% of the $26 billion US pet food market (whilst super-premium accounted for 10%). Globally the pet care products market is worth almost $100 billion.

Adding excitement to a pet’s diet via flavours, gravies, look-a-like human recipes, daypart foods (e.g. breakfast food/eggs or appetisers) is a top driver of the best-selling new pet foods. Pet foods are also touting more exotic meats (e.g. wild game, boar, venison, pheasant) and fillets of fish. The majority of “pet parents” are looking for “all natural” and “real meat” whilst eliminating grains, gluten, hormones/antibiotics and artificial colours are other significant trends along with the requirement for “human grade” and “indoor formulations are fast-growing market niches.