How to measure and analyse the texture of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and adhesives.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Texture Analysis in Action: the Bilayer Tablet Shear Rig

Bilayer Tablet Shear Rig BILAYER TABLET SHEAR RIG* (A/BTS)

Bilayer systems typically contain an immediate-release component in one layer and the extended-release component in the other layer.

However, the development and production of quality bilayer tablets is not without issues such as layer separation. The Bilayer Tablet Shear Rig provides the means to assess this problem. 

Bilayer tablet shear graph
Measurement of shear force to separate
components of a bilayer tablet

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Unexpressed Needs Drive Food Texture Choices

Girl chewing gummy bears
It is well known that there are individual differences between people when it comes to food preference, but the reasons for these differences are largely unknown.

What is known centres primarily on flavour, while understanding and texture research lag behind.

There are several reasons for this. First, texture awareness by individuals is generally low, while flavour awareness is more top of mind. Secondly, people have a limited ability to verbalise texture characteristics.

So with that background, what have researchers missed as it applies to items we consume? What does drive human texture preferences?