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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Texture Measurement: How to get out of a sticky dough situation

An important predictor of bread’s finished product quality is the stickiness of dough. 

This particular parameter is notorious in the bakery industry for causing many time delays and much wastage, when not properly controlled. Factors affecting this characteristic include excess water, overworking, too much or too little flour and enzymatic imbalances.

Sticky dough is problematic in bakeries as it causes progressive build-up of dough smears on mixers and rounders, necessitating extra cleaning and leading to waste and unplanned stoppages. Equally, if it is too dry, the dough will not be formed properly by the rounder and the desirable crumb structure cannot be created. 

A very delicate balance must be achieved in order to bind any layers that would otherwise create large holes, while at the same time maintaining a firm product structure.