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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Does your bread have bounce?

When searching for the perfect loaf, freshness is number one on the shopper’s agenda.

The springiness of a loaf is something that consumers will universally assess when choosing which one to buy.  This often directly correlates to how soft and springy the finished bread is. The springier the loaf is, the fresher it is perceived to be. 

It would seem impossible to quantify accurately something that may seem so subjective, but advances in physical characterisation technology have enabled manufacturers to monitor even this – the most crucial assessment of all.

One of the most common ways to test the softness of a loaf is by squeezing it between the thumb and fingers, creating a ‘V’ shape with the hand. Stable Micro Systems’ Bread V Squeeze rig imitates this process and allows manufacturers to carry out repeatable, scientific analysis of the freshness and appeal of their bread.