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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Easy Cheesy

Pizza slice with molten cheese

There are thousands of cheeses from different regions around the world, all with varying tastes and textures – that’s what makes them so appealing! 

It’s not just the taste that matters though; the texture has to be just right for today’s more discerning consumer – and extensibility or stretchability has a direct effect on a cheese’s success in the market. Who, for example, wants a pizza covered in hard cheese rather than the more appetising, melt in the mouth, stringy option?

That’s why we developed our cheese extensibility rig – to avoid cheesy product disasters! We all love a bit of cheese and the rig can be used for all types of stretchy molten cheese.

This helps manufacturers continually introduce and improve their cheeses – something we can all get excited about!

Cheese extensibility rig on the TA.XTplys Texture Analyser
In a world where taste and texture are everything, it’s vital that cheesy products hit the spot. Pulling the pizza away from your mouth and leaving behind a trail of molten, herby cheese is all part of the experience – and we wouldn’t want it any other way! If your cheese isn’t the stretchiest, stringiest or gooiest in the market, it may be time to rethink your testing strategy!

Now, who’s hungry?

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