How to measure and analyse the texture of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and adhesives.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Let us help you out of a sticky situation with texture measurement

When was the last time you found a sweet or candy in your pocket or at the bottom of your backpack and were delighted to find this little piece of sweet treat wrapped for your convenience?

A large proportion of boiled sweets and chewy candies are presented in individually wrapped pieces, due to their adhesive nature. The wrapping must be of a unique, non-stick quality to allow it to contain and protect the product, without being problematic to remove.
Materials that adhere firmly to the product may split and tear on removal – leading to consumer frustration. But how are confectionery manufacturers supposed to assess their products to avoid this sticky situation?

What's the testing solution?

The Wrapper Release test provides an accurate analysis of the effort required for consumers in the removal of confectionery wrapping. The rig, used in conjunction with the TA.XTplus texture analyser, incorporates a multi-slot plate and a clamping fixture. A large, rectangular sample of the confectionery product is placed on the underside of the multi-slot plate, while the wrapping material is attached to the upper fixture.

During the test, the arm of the texture analyser brings the attached wrapping material down into each hole so that the wrapper repeatedly contacts and withdraws from the product. The maximum force required to withdraw from the product is recorded, providing a measure of the adhesiveness of the material to the confectionery. For optimum performance, as low a force as possible would be the objective.

Using the results obtained, manufacturers can identify any issues with current or proposed wrapping materials and select or alter these materials to provide an effortless consumer experience.

Any other sticky issues?

The Wrapper Release rig is just one solution for the assessment of adhesiveness of products. Other tests include the measurement of peel strength, extrudability, hardness, elongation and ‘quick stick’ of products, such as labels, sealants, tapes and pastes.

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