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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Noodle quality testing: a range of texture analysis methods for a wide variety of noodle types – Part 4


Cooked Noodle Firmness Determination – Noodles tested in bulk
Suitable for: All cooked noodle types, particularly those of irregular shape and dimensions (e.g.wavy, those that will not lie flat to be tested) and thin/fragile samples that are difficult to handle as separate strands, for example: Arrowroot Vermicelli, Cellophane , Chinese wheat noodles, Chuka Soba, Dang Myun,  E-fu, Instant Noodles, Miswa, Ramen, Rice Macaroni, Rice Noodles, Rice Vermicelli, Saimin, Shirataki, Taiwanese, Wonton 

Single blade tests generally do not work well for short goods or for those noodle types that are difficult to lie straight. In this situation a multiple shear test using many cutting blades, e.g. a Kramer Shear Cell, is in most cases more applicable for the testing of a non-uniform sample or one with variable geometry.