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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Secret of Sausages – Shear Genius

As consumers become increasingly aware of the links between nutrition and health, many traditional food products are experiencing poor sales growth or even decline. 

Sausage on a forkFamily favourites that are high in fat or sugar are being conscientiously replaced with innovative new products that boast a healthy banner. Sausages, in particular, have suffered bad press thanks to their high saturated fat content. As a result, manufacturers have been searching for ways to increase the appeal of their sausage products and move away from the negative image that surrounds them. 

Over the past few years, new varieties of sausage have appeared on supermarket shelves boasting reduced fat content and lower salt levels for the more health-conscious consumer. When something is removed from the normal composition of a product, however, its taste and texture is inevitably altered and the standard of the end product is at risk.