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How to measure and analyse the texture of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and adhesives.

Thursday 7 May 2015

Texture Analysis in Action: the Eye Pencil Rig

Eye Pencil test using the TA.XTplus Texture Analyser The EYE PENCIL RIG (A/EP) provides a method of carrying out a vital test on eye pencil samples.

The rigidity of an eye pencil core must allow the tip to be sharpened to a point to provide a ‘defined line’ application without scratching the eye of the user.

The product developer must tackle the challenge of creating a product which achieves this but is not so soft to cause smudging around the eye or have the tendency to become crumbly or brittle after prolonged or low-temperature storage. 

Assessment of eye pencil rigidity
Assessment of eye pencil rigidity
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The hardness or rigidity of the core is controlled by waxes in the formulation which can be adjusted to the desired melting point of the finished product. 

 The test shown above provides the means to quantitatively measure the hardness of pencil tips such as those for eye- or lip-lining products. Results will assess such process variables as the modification of wax content or product quality as a result of extreme temperature conditions.

Some more information on this fixture:
Similar rigidity or hardness tests can be carried out using specialised fixtures on lip and eye pencils, again providing valuable information on the product’s useability and the potential need for formulation or manufacturing adjustments. The core of a pencil should be hard enough to leave a defined line on the skin without scratching, and withstand sharpening. At the same time, the pencil should be soft enough to allow smooth application, without excessive smudging. Texture on application is not the only factor in the formulation of these products. Product developers need also consider environmental factors such as temperature and shelf-life of the product in formulations.


We can design and manufacture probes or fixtures for the TA.XTplus texture analyser that are bespoke to your sample and its specific measurement.

Once your measurement is performed, our expertise in its graphical interpretation is unparalleled. Not only can we develop the most suitable and accurate method for the testing of your sample, but we can also prepare analysis procedures that obtain the desired parameters from your curve and drop them into a spreadsheet or report designed around your requirements.

For more information on how to measure texture, please visit the Texture Analysis Properties section on our website.

TA.XTplus texture analyser with bloom jar The
TA.XTplus texture analyser is part of a family of texture analysis instruments and equipment from Stable Micro Systems. An extensive portfolio of specialist attachments is available to measure and analyse the textural properties of a huge range of food products. Our technical experts can also custom design instrument fixtures according to individual specifications.

No-one understands texture analysis like we do!

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