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How to measure and analyse the texture of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and adhesives.

Tuesday 4 October 2016

The Periodic Table of Probes and Fixtures for Texture Analysis

Periodic table of probes and fixtures
Creating families, grouping by common properties: if Mendeleev managed to do it for the elements, then why not collate the range of Stable Micro Systems products into the instantly recognisable form of a periodic table?

Here you will see how all the currently available probes and fixtures that can be attached to a Texture Analyser can be grouped by test principle: Cutting & Shearing, Puncture & Penetration, Friction, Extrusion, Tension, Peel & Adhesion, Compression – plus Special Attachments and Accessories

Click here for a downloadable PDF...

In a future edition, you will be able to click on each element and see a pop-up display of the probe/fixture. 

However, unlike Mendeleev, problems will arise within the table structure as we continue to add even more testing devices to continue the evolution of texture analysis and its potential applications...!

You can also visit our post listing all these attachments, with links to more detailed posts for each.

We can design and manufacture probes or fixtures for the TA.XTplus texture analyser that are bespoke to your sample and its specific measurement.

Once your measurement is performed, our expertise in its graphical interpretation is unparalleled. Not only can we develop the most suitable and accurate method for the testing of your sample, but we can also prepare analysis procedures that obtain the desired parameters from your curve and drop them into a spreadsheet or report designed around your requirements.

For more information on how to measure texture, please visit the Texture Analysis Properties section on our website.

TA.XTplus texture analyser with bloom jar The
TA.XTplus texture analyser is part of a family of texture analysis instruments and equipment from Stable Micro Systems. An extensive portfolio of specialist attachments is available to measure and analyse the textural properties of a huge range of food products. Our technical experts can also custom design instrument fixtures according to individual specifications.

No-one understands texture analysis like we do!

To discuss your specific test requirements click here...

Watch our video about texture analysis Replicating Consumer Preferences
 Texture Analysis applications

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