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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Making your personal care products more appealing with texture analysis

A large number of cosmetic and personal care products, including lotions and gels, as well as various types of liquid and powder make-up, are sealed with a peel-back lid.

The performance of these seals is not only critical to the quality and safety of products, but is also a vital factor in user-friendliness. The adhesive bonds must be strong enough to withstand handling, shipping and storage without rupture or breakage, while being easy to peel back when necessary. Analysis of their efficiency will allow manufacturers to create optimum packaging, ensuring product safety and customer satisfaction.

What’s the testing solution?
Stable Micro Systems has made significant improvements to the Peel Rig, which is used widely to evaluate the quality and strength of seals and adhesive bonds on cosmetic and personal care packaging. The new Universal Peel Rig incorporates a multi-position platform, allowing containers to be held flat, or at 45° and 90° angles. As such, manufacturers can more precisely simulate the action of consumers, or handlers, to accurately assess both ease of use and stability of packaging seals.

The Universal Peel Rig is placed on the base of Stable Micro Systems’ TA.XTplus texture analyser and secured into position to suit the sample container. An adjustable rubber strap encircles the container to hold it in place, while a peel clip connected to the arm of the TA.XT
plus holds the lid. As the arm moves up, the force required to peel open the lid is recorded. Manufacturers can use the data to establish an optimum force, high enough to resist breakage but not so high that the consumer will experience difficulty in opening the package.

Bespoke solutions are our speciality
This fixture is one in a wide range
for the testing of packaging and packaging materials, precision engineered by Stable Micro Systems. 
All of these are designed for use with a TA.XTplus or TA.HDplus (heavy duty) texture analyser.

Stable Micro Systems’ technical experts can custom design instrument fixtures according to individual specifications.

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