How to measure and analyse the texture of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and adhesives.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Texture Analysis of Christmas

Texture Analysis Christmas treeThe festive season is upon us once again; last minute shopping trips, hours spent preparing food, streams of shiny decorations dangle from the doorways and presents are stacked under the Christmas tree. 

However, spare a thought – long before Father Christmas has filled his sack, retailers have stocked their shelves with products that have undergone rigorous quality testing regimes.

Whether it’s toys, party poppers or the turkey roast, thorough testing from the raw materials to the end product stage ensures that customer satisfaction lasts well after the final drop of sherry has been drunk.

Why not watch some Christmas Texture Analysis in action?

Texture Analysis in action throughout the year

Christmas testing examples

Physical testing finds its way into a variety of applications, from routine quality checking on manufacturing lines to scrutinising the behaviour properties of materials in research laboratories. Using suitable test equipment such as the TA.XTplus and TA.HDplus texture analysers, a wide range of tests is possible on foods and many products made from polymers, rubber, metal, textiles, composites, paper, adhesives, and many more.

Watch our video about texture analysis  Replicating Consumer Preferences
 Texture Analysis applications

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