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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Texture Measurement: Testing the Grateness of Cheese

Grating cheese by hand Retail-ready grated cheese is a fast-growing market throughout Europe as the need for convenience and variety continues to dominate.

As a result, cheese which might historically have been offered only in block form must now be able to withstand intense shredding, product transfer and packaging without clogging up machinery. Texture analysis helps dairies evaluate the mechanical properties that will influence not only their product’s mouthfeel, but also processability. 

What’s the testing solution?
A Grating Rig that accurately measures the force needed to grate cheese into shreds has recently been launched. For the first time, dairies can scientifically, objectively and repeatedly measure shreddability, enabling them to perfect their cheese recipes and production and packaging processes.

The new grating rig is used in conjunction with the TA.XTplus texture analyser and comprises a grating platform consisting of interchangeable grating faces and a sample block holder which acts as a sample template and, during the test, holds the sample in place. The texture analyser is used in a horizontal position to ensure a constant application of force onto the sample. This configuration also means that samples can be tested repeatedly over several cycles without the need for reloading. 

Similarly, the location of a weight above the sample allows the cheese to maintain constant contact with the grating platform face for a consistent measurement. The rig is adaptable, with the provision of two types of grating face and a mandoline blade for the measurement of sliceability. This ensures realistic testing conditions and provides valuable information about the quality and performance of the cheese as well as how it is best processed. See it in action!

Cheese Grating Rig Ensure your cheese is great!

Whether it’s a core ingredient in a sauce or a topping on a pizza, cheese is a versatile performer, able to take on a variety of functional roles. Cheese can, however, be affected by varying environmental conditions which can have an adverse effect on shreddability which is also influenced by factors such as fat, moisture and salt content, pH and maturity. 

Similarly, the way cheese is handled and processed influences how well it shreds and therefore the quality of a finished shredded product.  Our new grating rig allows manufacturers to test many types of cheese, the results of which can help guide research and development plans, optimise processing parameters and inform and facilitate quality control.

As well as evaluating cheese as an end-product in dairies, the grating rig can also be used in food processing environments to ensure it can withstand high speed processing in applications such as pizzas, ready meals, sauces and snack foods.

Watch our video about texture analysis of dairy products  Testing what varies in Dairy
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