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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Texture Analysis of Surimi Products: 2: Toughness – Measurement using Cutting/Shearing Tests

Preparation processes can detrimentally affect the texture of imitation shell-fish products and affect repeat purchase decisions. 

During new product development manufacturers must consider the effect of these processes on the structure of surimi with regard to toughness. 

In particular, heat applied during processing can substantially change the structure and increase the toughness of surimi, producing a fish-mince with a leathery feel. 

Figure 4: A Flat Blade attached to
the Texture Analyser for the
performance of cutting tests
A cutting strength test can be used to assess whether a product is too tough. Using a Knife Blade (Figure 4), this test simulates the action of cutting with a knife or initial bite when placed between the front teeth. Curves produced from this test show, for example in Figure 5, that brand B samples have a higher cutting strength than brand A. 

When force is applied, brand B also ruptures at a greater distance (distance at failure). In consumer terms, this means that sample A is more desirable for soft shell-fish like crab, whereas B would be more suited to firmer texture products such as shrimps.

The advantages of a multiple blade fixture, such as the Kramer Shear Cell shown in Figure 6, are that it can sense anisotropy and the test sample mass and area are large such that the influence of local irregularities is reduced.

Figure 5: Typical curves obtained
from the cutting of two surimi
brands using a Knife Blade

This method has an ‘averaging effect’ and is particularly useful as a test method where the sample may be particularly heterogenous and therefore difficult to obtain repeatable results from a single penetration (small sample contact) test.

Figure 6: A Kramer Shear Cell
attached to the Texture Analyser
for the performance of multiple
cutting tests

To see a summary of the types of testing possibilities that are available for the measurement of texture of your meat and fish products to ensure consistent quality and ultimately, consumer satisfaction, watch the video below...

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For more information on how to measure texture, please visit the Texture Analysis Properties section on our website.

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