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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Substituting your Meat at mealtimes: Part 4: Sausage shearing – texture comparison

Warner-Bratzler blade test on sausages
Reformed Products:
Sausage Shearing using Warner-Bratzler
For the testing of circular samples, the Warner-Bratzler Blade (as shown in Figure 4) is recommended, as it provides a larger cutting surface around the product at the start of the test by means of its triangular notch in the middle of the blade. 

With a slotted base insert, the knife is able to cut through the entire sausage providing a crude method with little sample preparation which lends itself ideally to quick quality determination. It is the most common biting or shearing system for the assessment of meat and meat products. 

This fixture is an empirical technique developed approximately 70 years ago and employed by quality control/assurance personnel and meat researchers. It remains one of the most widely used devices to provide measurements of meat texture quality. 

Figure 5a shows typical texture analysis curves comparing a shearing test on pork and Quorn sausages. The results (as shown in Table 5b) indicate that pork sausages required the larger force and total energy (work) to shear. The shearing of muscle fibres and connective tissue in this product clearly requires much larger energy than the shearing of more finely comminuted products as is such for Quorn which would be perceived by the consumer to have a softer texture.

Test results graph - sauage shearing

Test results table - sausage shearing


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TA.XTplus texture analyser with bloom jar The
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